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Gallery 33 North 112 West

Kathryn Furstenau

Kathryn Furstenau uses a gamut of artistic materials, media and tools ranging from fine printmaking and painting to found object-installations and even to digital design and photography to create seductive compositions, laden with rich imagery, luring characters and thought-provoking texts. In a modern world ridden with continuous advancements through technology, economic globalization, avaricious and extensive industrialization and increasingly lavish lifestyles-unpropitious outcomes are becoming prominent: the experience of life through virtual means, the homogenization of cultures and the depletion and destruction of natural resources.   Read More...

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View these and other works by Kathryn Furstenau at Gallery 33 North 112 West.

“Much of my art serves in terms as public activism to provoke the consciousness of pressing social, political and environmental issues.” Whether the work uses charming cartoon-like characters to advocate the importance of eating your veggies, or uses lists of handset type to depict a cultural history filled with prejudice, the art uses physical techniques in tandem with a balance of macabre irony, or satirical humor to assign the work to some sense of social relevance. “I like to experiment with different artistic materials and mediums to create work that challenges people to consider their individual roles, choices and impact, and create awareness of regional and global crises, yet is still visually stimulating, impacting or appealing.”  

Kathryn Furstenau has spent the past quarter of a century residing in the hot and sultry sands of the Arizona desert, where she was born and raised. Born Kathryn Sandra Desman, she emerged from ASU with a BFA in Intermedia: Mixed Media, and paints in her free time solely for enjoyment and to keep artistically active. Shortly after graduation, Kathryn was hastily married to long time friend, and musician, Michael Furstenau. They do not plan on children anytime soon, but perhaps some turtles. They reside happily in a quaint hermitage in Phoenix, where she is still actively creating art for you to enjoy.